Motion Compensating Tower for Moho Nord TLP

NOV/Devin International - Moho Nord TLP     

F&C Engineers designed this Motion Compensating Tower for Moho Nord TLP as a free standing structure supported only at the bottom capable of resisting storm wind and ship motions without the need of guy wires.

The motion compensating tower consists of a compensating tower, track stack, and an A-frame. The compensating tower supports the track stack. The track stack supports the coil tubing operations and an A-Frame that supports the wireline operations. The tower contains a heave compensating system and a table that can slide to support the injector head and A-frame over well center. A gin pole on top of the track stack handles guns. A knuckle boom crane located at the bottom of the compensating tower places equipment inside the tower. There are two carts that support the motion compensating tower on the skid beams. These carts allow the tower to skid over the Derrick Equipment Set’s (DES) north-south and east-west deck beams. There are two carts to allow the tower to cross over a horizontal pipe in the DES structure base. 

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