Quality Management

Freeman & Curiel Engineers utilizes a Quality Management System that focuses on the identification, documentation and implementation of the design, engineering and procurement requirements of all projects satisfying our Client's requirements for quality of work. The purpose of the FCE Quality Management System is to ensure the final product is safe, functional, reliable and cost effective.

Freeman & Curiel Engineers (FCE) is committed to providing its Clients the highest quality engineering solutions to their technical challenges. FCE’s goal is to consistently meet or exceed the Client’s expectations for quality, service and value.

FCE will implement, monitor and continually develop and improve its processes to enhance the quality, accuracy and value of its work.  Objectives include delivering work meeting Client requirements, regulatory requirements, and functionality.  To that end, FCE commits to employ the finest professionals, tools and equipment to produce it services in an environment of open communication based on quality principles.

FCE maintains and constantly improves its quality systems by monitoring and measuring quality of work product and Client satisfaction. FCE annually audits its Quality System to insure it continually improves in meeting goals of quality and Client satisfaction.

The scope of the FCE Quality System covers development, application and monitoring of processes to enhance quality of services provided to Clients. The objective of the Quality System is to continually improve quality and Client satisfaction.

The Quality System covers processes for all functions of the firm in the conduct of its business as it relates to delivery of services for Clients. Services include engineering analysis and design for oil, gas and power industries and primary deliverables are design models and drawings and calculation reports.  Services also include support and administrative functions required for performance of deliverable work.  All employees and contractors are subject to processes and monitoring of the Quality System.

FCE's Quality System has been audited by BP, the Elliott Group, and Drillmec Drilling Technologies.

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