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  • Ivan Curiel, P.E.

    Ivan Curiel, P.E.
    Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Curiel possesses 32 years of well-rounded experience in downstream, midstream, oil and gas, marine, and drilling industries. Projects completed have included FEED, design, procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning, and start up of facilities on land, barged mounted, supported by jackets, as well as floating systems. Facilities managed, designed, and installed include 18 US states, all over the world, and offshore. Areas of expertise include: oil and gas production top-sides, marine, drilling systems installed on jackets, TLPs, Mini-TLPs, and SPARs. Land based facilities include Cryogenic Plants, Fractionation Plants, Refrigerated Joule Thomson Plants, Amine, Valkyrie, TEG, Membrane, NRU, Compressor Stations, Pumping Stations, and Power Generation. Mr. Curiel began his career working in chemical and refining plants and then expanded his experience to the upstream industry and then the midstream industry. Mr. Curiel possesses ample experience in vibration and thermal stress analysis/design of piping systems and maintains this expertise. As a well-developed manager he has served in positions from project engineer to project manager on grass roots developments of various types. Mr. Curiel's focus is on the improvements to the design, constructability, operability, project schedule, and costs of engineering to clients. He has spearheaded the move to optimizing in-house engineering and design tools and continuous improvement programs within his organization. He is closely involved in development of procedures applicable to lesson learned. Mr Curiel prides himself with the development of intuitive procedures that empower employees and shape company culture. In his words “our employees maintain the highest level of quality and meet demanding schedules because they own their work, it’s now their culture.”

  • Michael Freeman, P.E.

    Michael Freeman, P.E.
    Director of Special Projects

    Mr. Freeman possesses over 39 years of experience in design and analysis of structural and mechanical systems in the industrial environment including process plants, marine and offshore structures, modular oil, gas and power production equipment, land and offshore drilling rigs, and machinery design. Experience in static, dynamic, thermal and detailed stress analysis of frames and mechanical systems. Includes wind, wave and current loading on offshore structures, response to earthquake and rotating equipment dynamics, shock, transportation and lifting loads. Mr. Freeman is recognized as an industry expert in the design of blast resistant buildings installed on floating production units. He has ample knowledge of the latest computer technology for structural and stress analysis, industry codes for onshore and offshore structural and mechanical systems including AISC, IBC including earthquake, ASCE, API, ABS, DNV, BOCA and foreign codes.

  • Steven LaBolt

    Steven LaBolt
    Director of Program Management

    Mr. LaBolt is Director of Program Management at F&C Engineers. In this role, Mr. LaBolt is focused on development of global midstream, upstream and turbomachinery strategies and deployment of projects. With over 30 years experience in oil and gas executing projects ranging from $5M to $500M, Mr. LaBolt possesses an in-depth knowledge of EPC projects from concept through commissioning in both greenfield and brownfield projects. Additionally, Mr. LaBolt’s experience includes broad technical knowledge and management of Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and Sales.

  • William McNeel

    William McNeel
    Director of Engineering

    Mr. McNeel possesses over 13 years of experience in mechanical engineering and design in the midstream and downstream oil and gas industry, as well as the power generation industry. His engineering management experience includes the design of natural gas processing facilities and compression plants from conception to commissioning; and design of modular process and production equipment, for both oil and gas applications. Mr. McNeel also has experience designing equipment and managing product lines for chemical and refining plants. Mr. McNeel possesses a multidiscipline skill set, and manages all aspects of F&C's engineering projects and processes, develops and manages execution plans, engineering schedules, technical standards and procedures, engineering and technical staff, budgets, quality control, support tools and department standards. He has managed the design of natural gas compression stations and process plants valued in excess of $500M, assuring conformance to scope, technical standards and business objectives.

  • Dale Weaver

    Dale Weaver
    Director of Design & Technology

    Mr. Weaver has over 21 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. As Director of Design & Technology, Mr. Weaver implements new software while managing F&C's design team which incorporates all aspects of design; Structural, Piping, Electrical and Mechanical. He works effectively with engineers, contractors and inspectors in all disciplines of drafting design. His experience includes steel and concrete structures in both 2D and 3D drafting and procurement. He is an enthusiastic self-starter who is keenly interested in improving the horizons of technology in both personal work and in his work with others. Mr. Weaver has become a role model and excellent leader of the F&C design team, improving drafting standards and continuing education as the world evolves into new technologies. Mr. Weaver's excellent attitude and team spirit help our clients reduce costs and meet project deadlines.

  • Carlos Mendez, P.E.

    Carlos Mendez, P.E.
    Director of Engineering Project Management

    Mr. Mendez is Director of Engineering Project Management at F&C Engineers and is the liaison between clients, engineering and vendors. He has over 12 years of well-rounded experience in midstream oil and gas production facilities and packaged rotating equipment projects. Mr. Mendez ensures quality deliverables by closely monitoring project progress and schedules, managing vendor documentation is appropriately reviewed, verifying conformance to scope, and enforcing compliance of F&C Engineers' technical standards, specifications and procedures. Additionally, Mr. Mendez participates in weekly 3D model design review, HAZOP/PHA’s, and provides technical input and discipline specific deliverables for Engineering and Design.

  • Brian Rhodes

    Brian Rhodes
    Civil / Structural Lead

    Mr. Rhodes has over 18 years of senior level experience in structural design in both the oil and gas industry and petrochemical industry. Scope of work includes detail design, computer aided analysis of structures and drafting of on offshore and onshore facilities. Mr. Rhodes is very strong at the technical level while maintaining high awareness of constructability, maintenance and operations. He has the ability to manage and balance analysis and common sense when providing solutions. He makes field visits to solve problems while at the same time maintaining control of the project through the application of proper management tools. Clients include: BP, Noble Energy, British Gas, ConocoPhillips, ChevronTexaco, among many others. His debottlenecking and upgrade experience makes him very practical at his designs for existing structures as well as new designs. In addition Brian is keenly aware of safety in his designs.

  • Todd Blum

    Todd Blum
    Mechanical Lead

    Mr. Blum possesses over 18 years of experience in concept, detail design, and direct oversight of fabrication of oil and gas production facilities and equipment. His well rounded experience encompasses multidisciplinary designs conducted entirely on his own to include process, mechanical, structural, electrical and control systems. Mr. Blum commands a wide view of all tasks required to execute projects with the main focus on process systems and mechanical completion while maintaining a clear understanding of equipment requirements and specifications. His abilities extend from budget development and estimating, project planning, detail design, fabrication surveillance, installation, and start up. Very familiar with API 14C and RP2A compliance including emphasis on piping and equipment design and analysis.

  • Gabriel Busquet

    Gabriel Busquet
    Process Lead

    Mr. Busquet possesses more than 9 years of experience in process engineering including design of compressor stations, cryogenic processing facilities, refrigerated Joule Thomson units, fractionators, crude stabilizers, TEG dehydration and amine treatment. He has worked for well known midstream providers such as CB&I, Valerus, SNC and now leads the F&C Process Engineering team. Mr. Busquet applies his well rounded experience and extensive knowledge of process design and analysis to all phases of each project; feasibility, conceptual design, FEED, detail engineering, construction and commissioning.

  • Raul Ledezma

    Raul Ledezma
    Controls and Automation Lead

    Mr. Ledezma has over 10 years of experience in Instrumentation & Controls, Controls, SIS and F&G Systems and plant processes automation. His experience includes gas facilities from startup to commissioning, PLC and SCADA based control systems both onshore and offshore, configuring field devices and procurement support. Mr. Ledezma's work includes projects for clients such as PDVSA, SNC Lavalin, ENI, Repsol, Saudi Aramco and numerous oil and gas midstream producers.

  • Jose Melendez, P.E.

    Jose Melendez, P.E.
    Electrical Lead

    Mr. Melendez possesses over 27 years experience in the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry and power generation industry. His electrical engineering experience ranges from FEED Studies and Development of: electrical systems for CGL transport and storage, semiconductor manufacturing facilities, topside systems, gas production facilities, high, medium and low voltage power distribution systems, hazardous area classification, electrical protection schemes, motor control centers, power transformers, electrical building layouts, systems optimization, compliance, safety and system integration. His well rounded experience includes the understanding of mechanical and process design in order to develop and deploy efficient and safe electrical installations and automation implementations. Working with clients such as Chevron, ExxonMobil, Marathon Oil, Bechtel, Samsung, and numerous oil and gas midstream producers, he offers flexible approaches to a wide range of industries, is focused on each client's individual needs and adding value to support their return on investment.

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