Excelerate Energy FLNG/LNGC Flow Study

Excelerate Energy awards Freeman & Curiel Engineers a project to study the flow around the deck of an FLNG/LNGC combination.  Freeman & Curiel Engineers, in collaboration with CD-adpaco, determine the flow patterns and exhaust gas concentrations in work areas around the vessel during routine LNG offloading operations. A fully detailed 3D model of the two vessels using design drawings are created and then analyzed using computational fluid dynamics simulation.  The entire model consisted of over 6 million calculation points and yielded a detailed spatial description of the flow patterns and gas concentration distribution.  Similar analysis can assist in optimization of deck layout, placement of operational equipment and work areas, HVAC intake locations and design of safety and evacuation procedures.  Any scenario can be easily analyzed such as different exhaust gas rates, gas source locations and environmental wind conditions. 

True success of the project is reflected in our client’s compliments…..

“Gents: I know things have slowed down and the scope has wound down but while we are waiting for things to possibly pick up and possibly continue to do some more modeling, I do want to “Thank” all of you guys for working through all the unknowns and twist and turns to get to the point of getting the final report out the door.  You guys are all definitely Gentlemen and Scholars to have the patience and knowledge to guide a hillbilly like me through the process of getting this scope fulfilled.  Once again ‘I truly appreciate’ all the work that went into fulfilling the scope and preparation of the final report.”  
Robert Davis

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