120MMSCFD Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant

PROJECT: 120MMSCFD Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant
LOCATION: Barnett-Woodford Shale, U.S.A.
OPERATOR: Confidential Client

SNC Lavalin awarded Freeman & Curiel Engineers the design of a 120MMSCFD Gas Processing Cryogenic Plant along with Separation, Processing and Storage of NGLs for installation in west Texas. This plant was integrated into their existing plant. This Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant is composed of a Standard 120MM Standard SNC Plant plus essential equipment listed below. FCE provided all Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Piping, and Cable Tray Design.

Equipment Includes: TEG Dehydration, Inlet Separator, Molecular Sieve Dehydration, Molecular Sieve Regeneration, Mechanical Refrigeration System, Cold Separator, Cryo Unit, Turbo Expander/Compressor, NGL Amine Unit, Hot Oil System, Residue Compression, MCC, Utilities, Flare Knock-Out Skid, Flare.  

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