TM2500 Anti-ice Retrofit Kits on Air Inlets

PROJECT: TM2500 Anti-ice Retrofit Kits on Air Inlets
LOCATION: Multiple U.S. Locations

GE awards Engineering Design and Fabrication of five GE TM2500 anti-ice retrofit kits for ice protection on air inlets of the 28 MW mobile gas turbine packages to F&C Engineers. Initially GE ordered two and then based on F&Cs’ outstanding performance and delivery scheduling GE orders for an additiona three gas turbine packages.

This design allows for operation of the TM2500 system in the climates where temperatures are in the -40 degrees F conditions by warming 180,000 cfm of combustion and vent air as it enters the inlet filter system. Existing louver doors that protect the filter elements are changed out for new doors containing specially designed heat exchanger coils.

Coils are lightweight, functional in locations whose altitudes reach 5000 ft, and are ASME U-stamped. The new doors are made of marine grade aluminum to minimize weight impact. Each door is outfitted with high quality dry disconnect valve on inlet and outlet to facilitate startup, filter change out and system shutdown. The system includes a specially designed support system to accommodate the additional weight of the coils, heat medium and stainless header piping for supply, return and drain of customer’s heat medium.

The anti-ice system is manufactured at an FCE quality assured manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. The facility uses state of the art equipment for tight tolerance, precise and high power laser cutting and welding. All projects are provided with full QA/QC documentation.

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