ExxonMobil West Qurna Production Facilities

ExxonMobil West Qurna Production Facilities

Valerus awards F&C Engineers, LLC the contract for engineering of all pressure vessels for the new oil processing facility in the West Qurna 1 oil field located in Iraq for ExxonMobil. The new facility will have the capability of producing an annual average of 100,000 stock tank barrels of crude oil per day. The facility, located in the province of Al Basra, will be designed to process full well stream fluids from the production wellhead area and separate them into associated gas, untreated produced water, and stable product crude for export. This project is critical for the West Qurna 1 overall development plan.

"Valerus is a valued client and we're delighted to work with them on the Qurna facility. We have a strong team that delivers advanced solutions for some of the most challenging projects in that region and we look forward to our continued partnership with Valerus."
Ivan Curiel, President

Pressure Vessels:

Effluent Water Drum, 2nd Stage Separator, Inlet Separator, LP Separator, HOt Oil Surge Vessel, Fuel Gas Knock Out, Dehydrator, Desalter, Closed Drain Drum, Instrument Air Receiver, Flare KO (Knock-Out) Drum

The project is expected to be completed in 26 months.

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