Powell awards Chevron Mufameira Sul Buildings

Powell awards Chevron Mufameira Sul Buildings

Powell Industries awards F&C Engineers, LLC design and construction drawings for MCC controls and switch gear buildings for the Chevron Mufameira Sul Project (MSP).  The project involves the design of six buildings and construction drawings which includes Building dimensions, layout and support locations on platform.  Load cases and acceptance criteria include Transport load cases, Lift cases, In-place operating and storm cases and Blast cases.  Blast cases includes dynamic time history analysis. The scope also includes 450 ST rigging equipment being temporarily installed on the MDE building. 

The structural calculation report contains all design input data, assumptions for load, structure, and supports, computer model or sketches, solution methods, code references, and results including computer stress and deflection plots, if appropriate, and a conclusion on suitability for the project and industry requirements.

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